Why buy an existing business now?

It’s an unfortunate fact that many businesses are unprepared for a major crisis and got surprised by it. A recession is generally a difficult time for many companies and especially for those, who failed to recalculate correctly their expenses. This is the perfect time for wise buyers to make their choice and make the best of a deal.business

  1. Save money! It may sound surprising, but buying an existing business does not mean that it will cost you more. In fact, many times it’s less expensive than launching a start-up and not to mention all the time that you save for developing the new business. Even in those cases where it may require a premium, at least you know what you are getting. Plus, with the right information you can negotiate incredible deal terms that you could not achieve with a new business. When you know what sort of business you can run, how much you can afford to pay for it and how profitable it should be, it is time to get looking.
  2. Save time! When you buy an existing business you will have the benefit of a built-in infrastructure. You will inherit active customers, suppliers, employees, equipment and systems. You will save yourself a lot of trouble as this will allow you to focus on developing the business further. You will have positive cash flow on your first day of operation and you can skip the many years it usually takes to get your business name known through expensive advertising and trial-and-error marketing.
  3. Reduce the risk of failure! With an existing business you will have access to actual historical information that will allow you to thoroughly investigate its past activities, the financials, the market, the customers, the industry, the employees, the competition, its operations, its current status, and its future potential.

Buying a business is something that anyone can achieve. Put yourself in a position to buy. Above all, educate yourself. You cannot guess your way to success! With the right information and advice, you’ll make all the right decisions.

For many, owning a business is a dream. For some, it will become reality. Your fate is in your hands.business handshake iStock_000005538767XSmall

The final decision is yours! Never feel intimidated by sellers or be afraid to ask questions. Your broker will help you and ensure you receive the right answers to all your queries. The majority of buyers’ in today’s market will raise finance on their homes.

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