5 Principles for Being a Happy Broker

It’s been said there’s nothing better than being your own boss. However, sometimes the weight of „wearing all the hats“ can be emotionally and spiritually draining. So next time you feel overwhelmed, refer to these five principles that happy business owners live by.

1. Don’t focus solely on the money. Sure, money is important. And assuming you’re providing the level of service your clients expect, money will naturally come if you invest energy into cultivating relationships, treating people well, and enjoying what you do. Making every decision based on ROI or keeping costs to a minimum will only hurt your business in the long run.

2. Get a life. One reason you’re in business for yourself is so you don’t have to answer to anyone. So take advantage of it. Don’t be afraid to take the occasional three-day weekend, long lunch, or even a real vacation. It will keep you refreshed and focused.

3. Hang with your own kind. Get involved in your local or state REALTOR® association, chamber of commerce, or any group where like-minded people gather to share ideas and knowledge. You will find that the more you share the more you will learn.

4. Don’t say yes to everyone. Some clients will cause you heartache. Some agents may give you a heart attack. It’s okay to turn them away. Surround yourself with clients who value your skills and agents who want to share in your success.

5. Know that stuff happens. Even as a business owner, you can’t control everything. Sometimes unforeseen and uncontrollable things will change the course of your business or your life. Don’t dwell on what could have been. Instead, focus on what can be.

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