Why buy an existing business now?

It’s an unfortunate fact that many businesses are unprepared for a major crisis and got surprised by it. A recession is generally a difficult time for many companies and especially for those, who failed to recalculate correctly their expenses. This is the perfect time for wise buyers to make their choice and make the best […]

Italian properties. Legals and taxes

Italy Investment Property – Tax Planning Italy’s tax system can be complicated and it is important to consult an expert tax advisor when considering your Italian property investment. Here you can obtain a brief guideline to Italy’s property tax system. Italian property tax, ICI, is charged to anyone who owns land in Italy and this […]

Buy your dream home in Egypt!

Buying property in Egypt is a straightforward affair provided you employ a lawyer to sort out an otherwise complex system of property registration. Foreign purchasers have the right to own real estate and land in Egypt. Today the government recognizes the great value foreign investors in property have for the success of the economy and […]

Buyers guide – Italian properties

Off Plan properties Buying an off plan property in Italy is nice and simple. There isn’t a stack of paperwork to sign like France, and the tax laws are clear and attractive for investment. To calculate the purchasing costs, you need to divide the process in the „Front end“ and the „Back end“ At the […]

Why Invest in Italian property?

Italy is an enchanting country of colour and contrast.  Magnificent architecture, great food and wine, inspiring arts, classic hilltop towns all continue to entice visitors every year… Natural And Cultural Factors Abundance of culture, history and magnificent architecture. Stunning variation in natural beauty, from lakes, mountains and lush vegetation to rugged or sandy beaches. Warm […]

Cost of living in Bulgaria – 2011

With the following article we would like to help everyone who is considering a property purchase in Bulgaria and would like to know what the standard of life here is. You hear from everywhere that it is cheap in Bulgaria and that investing your money in a property in this picturesque country is a wise […]