Repair works on the road from Bourgas to Elhovo

repair works on the road Bourgas - ElhovoWe are glad to spread some good news about the road from Bourgas to Elhovo, which I am sure that will make happy everyone who has bought or is looking for a property in the area.

In the beginning of June 2009 repair works started on the road from Bourgas to Elhovo. The project is massive and includes total repairing of the full length of the road, which is now a part of the international road network, leading to the newest border check point between Bulgaria and Turkey – Lesovo. The road will be repaired according to modern standards and constructed with high quality, as it is financed by the EU. 65% of the project is financed by the European Investment Bank and the other 35% should be paid from the budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The full length of the road is 100km and it should be finished by the end of January 2011. However this summer, working hard, they managed to repair a big part of it. This project is a part of the massive project for road rehabilitation called Transit Roads. It includes the main roads, which connect Bulgaria with Turkey and Greece. These roads have become very important since our country has joined the European Union in 2007.road repairing Burgas - Elhovo

At present there are some speed limits in the parts which are being repaired and we advise you to be extra careful if you drive there alone. The parts, which have been already repaired, are nice, with new gutters along the road and new sidewalks in the villages.

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