Driving a car in Bulgaria – cost, taxes, insurances…

We have been questioned recently how much would cost a foreigner to have a car in Bulgaria.

To drive a car in Bulgaria you should have a valid driving license and at least 18 years of age. There are two options for those who don’t intend to rent a car – to buy one locally or to import your own car from your country.


If you decide to buy a car in Bulgaria and register it here you will pay:

1.      To register the car on your name – approx. € 50

2.      Eco tax – if the car is older than 5 years – from € 100. This is payable once – only when you buy the car.

3.      Driver responsibility insurance: at least 50 € per year.

4.      Annual theft and accident insurance – it depends on the car- can be € 100 per year for an old car or around € 800-1000 for a brand new car.

5.     Road tax (depending on the engine power): around 60 € per year for a car of 2000 ccm engine.

6.     Vignette – approx. € 34 per year. It is required for the national roads only; this means that if you are driving only locally you may not need it at all.

If you come here with your own car you may drive it in Bulgaria without registering it. In this case you can use your insurance made in your country in case of accident. You will have to pay for vignette ( to use the roads) – there are vignettes for one week, for one month or for one year. You can buy a vignette in every petrol station. You will be given a sticker which has to be placed on the wind screen.fuel

  • Fuel prices:

petrol: 0.97 €/L,

diesel: 0.96 €/L,

LPG: only 0.51 €/L.

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