Living in rural Bulgaria and one idea for running a rural tourism

This article is just giving an idea to those who intend to relocate in rural Bulgaria (or already did that).


Pic: Evgeni Dinev

I know that many foreigners like the rural life; many are tired of the rush in the big city. And many have decided to choose Bulgaria.  But is it possible to gain money from living in a village where the unemployment is high by offering rural tourism?

I would say: Why not.

I will give you an example with me. I live in the big city; I am tired of the traffic, of the rush to be at a certain place at the exact moment. Every day I am in a hurry to go to work, but before that someone has to drop the kid to school then after work to pick from school, then to go to the swimming pool or dancing classes or birthday party or something else has to be done (there’s always something else). Just imagine there are two kids!!! The hurry is double. And 90% of those who live in a city are just like me!

So, from time to time obviously I need a rest. What do you think I’d choose for the weekend? – I’d love to go somewhere deep in the country, where there are no cars, no traffic lights. It would be great to be in the middle of nowhere and listen to the silence. That’s fine for me but that’s boring for the children.tent3

And here comes my idea for the English speaking villagers – what would be great for my family:

1. I would enjoy B&B in a nice and quiet area

2. It would be great for the children to practice their English

3. It would be great if someone tell me where to go for a walk, perhaps to visit the nearby caves, springs and waterfalls, hunting and fishing, mountaineering, picking forest products and medical herbs and many other recreational and entertaining activities.

4. It would be great for the children if there is a small tent in the garden where they can play and pretend to be somewhere else – far from the parents.

5. It would be great both for children and adults if a ride on a donkey is offered (or a horse). I just imagine how fun it will be!!! The kids that live in a city can see a donkey only on a picture or in the zoo.

6. How about if I am offered to milk a goat? Or to pick vegetables from the garden and make a salad? I would be interested in agricultural activities involved in the everyday works of the farm.

Now I need offers. I feel excited of my own idea. I’m going to ask Google is there a nice place for me and my family? A place where we can ride a donkey…

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