Marina Dinevi – a place for relaxation & crazy summer life


Saint Vlas is situated at the foot of the Balkan mountain surrounded by picturesque nature and beach line of total length of 1,5 kilometers. For the last few years Saint Vlas has become a very popular touristic area and is attracting more and more investors. In 2007 the small town made a big step forward with the opening of the modern yacht port Marina Dinevi.

Port Marina Dinevi is a unique yacht port at the Black Sea. It has capacity of around 300 boats. The situation of the port, its construction technology and especially the services, rank Marina Dinevi among the most elite yacht facilities in the world.

Besides luxury marine facility, the yacht port managed for a short period of time to become a favorite place for recreation and entertainment for many people.
Let me describe to you how it looks in the daytime! From early morning the attractive beaches on both sides of the port are full of interesting people who have come to enjoy the sun and sea. It is really crowded and by lunchtime is almost impossible to find a place under an umbrella.
At sunset, when all sun-lovers withdraw for a rest, start hectic preparations for the nightlife. Since the opening of the yacht complex, its restaurants and bars have turned into real hot spot amongst nightlife lovers. There is something for everyone – romantic restaurants with different types of cuisine, elegant piano bars and ultra modern night clubs. Here you can also meet a lot of Bulgarian celebrities, attracted by the gloss and charm of Marina Dinevi. Party is at its height until early morning, when Marina Dinevi turns again into a place for relaxation.

For people who come here on foot the port is fun and beaches, but we must not forget that it is at first place a very reliable and convenient moorage for all who come by sea.

As a modern yacht complex, The Marina offers excellent conditions for stay and residing of yachts. Usage of electricity, water, cable television and Internet are only part of the offered package of services related to the exploitation and the maintenance of the yachts. Besides the luxury hotel Marina Dinevi offers to its visitors a medical center, business building containing offices for the port as well as: Customs, Border Police, Port Administration, halls for business meetings and press conferences.

Each year in the Marina a lot of business, sport and entertainment event take place, the most important of which are the Yacht exhibition Marina Dinevi, the International Regatta Evolution cup, a stage of the Regatta Port Bourgas, first edition of the regatta of the secondary sea schools in Bulgarian. The end of season 2007 was celebrated with a show performance of the actors from the travelling theater – ship Amara Ziy – Canada.

Marina Dinevi is the place where you can relax, enjoy the crazy summer life and why not buy a yacht and chase the sunset!!!marinadinevi

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