Renovation and repair services

befor and after

Before and After the renovation

EXCEL PROPERTY is proud that can provide high quality renovation service at reasonable prices from local builders. If required we can help you with plumber, electrician, house-painter, etc.

We are currently serving the areas near Berkovitsa, Sofia and Elhovo towns, Bulgaria.

We will be happy to hear from you how we can help you. We’ll do our best to give you fresh ideas to turn your home into a nice and cosy place. We can make new walls or knock down ones in order to open space, install bathrooms, fireplaces, repair roofs, and so on. Just give us a rough idea and let our imagination continue. We’ll give you accurate, affordable pricing, we’ll take care of every step of the repair works while you are somewhere else.

We guarantee that the work will be done in high quality. No matter how big or small your project is – just an extension or total property renovation – contact us. We’ll not let you down.

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