Cost of living in Bulgaria – 2011

With the following article we would like to help everyone who is considering a property purchase in Bulgaria and would like to know what the standard of life here is. You hear from everywhere that it is cheap in Bulgaria and that investing your money in a property in this picturesque country is a wise decision, but it is hard to believe without being familiar with real digits.

Here you can see the prices of main products and services for 2011.

Food prices:

Bread – 1lv/ 800gr

Eggs – 0.20lv/ 1piece

Milk – 1.70lv/ 1lsupermarket

Yogurt – 0.60lv/ 500gr

White cheese – 5.70lv/ 1kg

Yellow cheese – 12.00lv/ 1kg

Sausages – 6.50lv/ 1kg

Vegetable oil – 3.60lv/ 1l

Vinegar – 0.70lv/ 1l

Salt – 0.50lv/ 1kg

Sugar – 2.40lv/ 1kg

Chicken – 4.50lv/ 1kg

Pork meat – 8.00lv/ kg

Fish – 6.00lv/ 1kg of scad

Olives – 4.00lv/ 1kg

Honey – 5.00lv/ 500gr

Chocolate – 1.20lv/ 500grfruit-market2

Ice cream – 1.20lv/ 200gr

Baby Puree – 1.10lv/ 120gr

Fruits and Vegetables:

Tomatoes – 2.00lv/ 1kg

Cucumbers – 2.00lv/ 1kg

Beans – 3.00lv/ 1kg

Potatoes – 1.00lv/ 1kg

Bananas – 3.00lv/ 1kg

Oranges – 1.40lv/ 1kg

Drinks and Cigarettes Prices:

Mineral water – 0.80lv/ 1.5l

Coke – 2.40lv/ 2l

Juice – 2.00lv/ 1l

Coffee espresso- 2.60lv/ 200gr

Nescafe 3 in 1- 0.40lv/ 1cup

Spirit drinks – 10.00lv/ 1ltraditional-bulgarian-wine

Wine – 4.50lv/ 0.700l

Cigarettes – 5.00lv/ 1pack – 20pieces

Prices of goods of daily demand:

Soap – 0.85lv/ 1piece

Shampoo – 2.50lv/ 200ml

Tooth paste – 1.50lv/ 1piece

Washing powder – 1.50/ 330gr

Communal taxes:

Electricity – 0.20lv/ 1kwh

Water – 1.70lv/ m3

Internet + landlines – 30lv/ month

Property government tax – 0.15% of the price of the property per year

Diesel – 2.50lv/ l

Petrol – 2.50lv/ lp71514991

Gas – 0.93lv/ l

A lunch for two – 20€ (starters, main courses, drinks, desserts, coffee)

Hairdresser services – 5-25€

Main electricity appliances:

TV – 37″ plasma TV – 300€

Fridge – 130€

Air-conditioner – cooling and heating – 300€

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