Berkovitsa – all seasons charming town

d0b8d0b7d0bed0b1d180d0b0d0b6d0b5d0bdd0b8d0b50771The mountain near Berkovitsa is a splendid place for tourism, sport and recreation due to the beauty of the nature. Only 15 km from the town at more than 1500 m above sea level there is there is a small complex hugged in the forest. The Kom Peak which is at 2016 m above sea level is not far and you can reach it by walk for approx.4 hours.

Why do I admire this area?

If I go there is summer time to escape from the boiling whether and dust of the capital city (where I live) I can enjoy the calmness of the forest greenery, listen to the silence and breathe, breathe and breathe – deep and long. You can’t imagine how fresh the air is.

When was the last time you went in the forest to pick forest fruits? And did you find any? You should try near Berkovitsa. There is plenty of forest strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, mushrooms (be careful with the mushrooms and don’t pick them if you don’t know their poisonous twins).

As for the winter season, I could tell you a lot because I like to ski and this place is one of the places in Bulgaria which is not crowded, the prices for the ski facilities are still reasonable and you can really enjoy your winter holydays.

On the opposite direction – from Berkovitsa toward Montana town there are several lakes where you can go fishing. There are also places for hunting and many places with hot water mineral springs where people go to bath and to cure some skin and bone diseases.

May be the reasons above plus the closeness to the capital (only 89 km) made the area attractive for property hunters. There are many foreigners that own rural properties there. We also notice a significant increasing interest from Bulgarians who want to purchase rural properties in this area – some to remove and retire, others to use as holiday homes.

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