Top 10 reasons for living on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Living on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Why Bulgaria?

The cost of Bulgarian properties is one of the lowest in Europe, though properties’ quality is not lower than it is in other countries. So, it’s not surprising that there is still interest in local real estates from buyers from UK, Israel, Russia, Germany, etc. Furthermore, as Bulgaria has joined the European Union in 2007, rules governing the real estate market are being altered in order to ease international buyers. The prices of the seaside apartments are decreased at this current moment influenced by the world financial crises. Now is the time to invest in real estates because Bulgaria remains an attractive tourist destination.

Bulgaria is rich in history, art and architecture. Bulgaria’s charming countryside is also very attractive, combining mountain and sea resorts, old towns and mild climate attracts people all over the year, thus turning Bulgaria into one of the best places for holiday and retirement. The cost of living is also surprisingly low.

Living on the Black Sea

If you are bored of ordinary life in the city you should consider living in Bulgaria. We will help you with our Top Ten reasons for living on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

  1. The weather. You can enjoy four lovely and tender seasons in Bulgaria. Beautiful blooming spring, dry and hot summer, long and pleasant autumn, and mild winter with lots of opportunity for skiing. Always lit by the sun Bulgaria has between 2200 and 2500 hours of sunlight per year. Average temperature (April – September): + 23 °C. The average yearly temperature is 14.7 °C.
  2. The beaches. Bulgaria is famous for its nice sandy beaches, which can vary from lively and sports-facilitated beach stripes to calm and beautiful campsites. The total length of the beach line is 380km, which definitely means that there should be some space for you.
  3. The attractions. It may have sounded like a passive type of vacation, but there are also a lot of places for those who prefer the action. Along the coast there are some of the most famous beach resorts in Europe. There you can chose between nice restaurants, beach bars, crazy night clubs and etc…
  4. The kids enjoy it. What about the kids, will they have fun? Enjoy the summer attractions for every age like the numerous aqua parks or take them out for an exciting safari in the Bulgarian outback. The waters of the Black Sea are calm and without strong tides, making them ideal for children as well.
  5. The culture. For thirteen centuries, Bulgaria – the cradle of Slav culture, the land of Orpheus and Spartacus has given the world men of great achievements, mysterious Thracian treasures and burial tombs, magnificent frescos and many brilliant examples of ancient applied arts. Along the coast you can see many of the interesting sights like the Aladzha rock monastery, the historic architecture of Nessebar and old Thracian Tombs.
  6. For travelers. Another advantage of the Bulgarian coast is its closeness to Turkey, Romania, and Greece. Bulgaria has always been a cross road and you can make a cheap excursion for a day or two and see totally different culture. If you love the sea you can also sail to Turkey, Romania and Ukraine, which won’t cost you much neither.
  7. Cheap, fast flights. The availability of cheap flights to Bulgaria has made it easy for forward-thinking travellers to make the most of this emerging hotspot. Low-cost companies are flying to Sofia, Varna and Bourgas.
  8. Be healthier. Bulgaria is famous for its eco fruits and vegetables grown in the sun and for its clean air. The nice weather itself makes you go out, be active and just enjoy the life.
  9. Be happier. Life on the seaside coast is slow and easy going. People are smiling and everyone is having fun. There is some magic in the air or in the water that makes you happier!
  10. Cheap, cheap properties. You still have some time to catch the low prices of properties. Although Bulgaria has joined the EU in 2007 and prices have started to increase slowly, they still have a long way to reach the normal prices of properties in the rest of Europe. The last few months, because of the world recession, you can make a real bargain and have a beautiful sunny home with wonderful price!
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