Cost of living in Bulgaria – 2011

With the following article we would like to help everyone who is considering a property purchase in Bulgaria and would like to know what the standard of life here is. You hear from everywhere that it is cheap in Bulgaria and that investing your money in a property in this picturesque country is a wise […]

Berkovitsa – all seasons charming town

The mountain near Berkovitsa is a splendid place for tourism, sport and recreation due to the beauty of the nature. Only 15 km from the town at more than 1500 m above sea level there is there is a small complex hugged in the forest. The Kom Peak which is at 2016 m above sea […]

Top 10 reasons for living on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Why Bulgaria? The cost of Bulgarian properties is one of the lowest in Europe, though properties’ quality is not lower than it is in other countries. So, it’s not surprising that there is still interest in local real estates from buyers from UK, Israel, Russia, Germany, etc. Furthermore, as Bulgaria has joined the European Union […]

How to buy a property in Bulgaria

Buying property in Bulgaria as a foreigner is not as straightforward as it is in some other markets. Non-Bulgarians cannot own land in the country directly; according to the Bulgarian Constitution and Legislation foreign persons currently are prohibited from owning land and can acquire only buildings but not land on which the buildings are built. […]